About FaBo Story

In 2010 a group of New Zealand children's writers had a conversation on Facebook about writing an online junior fiction book, one chapter following another and inviting New Zealand children to join in. FaBoStory was born and a wild and wacky ride it was. Each week a new chapter from one of the team went up as well as a winning chapter submitted from New Zealand students.  You can go here to read the whole story.

Now that the FaBo Story Team have recovered from competing against some of the best writing they have ever seen, they are ready to do it all again...

2011 Planet FaBO
Each week a new genre, setting and inhabitant of Planet Fabo will be set. Stories are to be up to 1000 words long and submitted by Friday 5pm in the body of an email to Fabostory with your name, age and school.
You can write as part of a school project or as an individual.
The best student's story will be published on the FaBo Story Blog each week alongside a story from one of the FaBo Team writing to the same challenge.
There will be prizes and geographical features on Planet FaBo2 named after the winning writers....