Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Planet FaBo - Into A New Dimension

FaBo 2 -The Next Frontier

Spinning in the velvety blackness of deep space is a wondrous blue planet known as FaBo2.

On first glance, it looks a lot like Earth. But the second glance informs you that the familiar continents of Earth are missing. There are no super sized continents. The Poles are not as large and have moved slightly. It looks like Earth from a long time ago.

The inhabitants of FaBo2 are a very evolved species. They have the same hopes, dreams and desires as the people of Earth. They want peace, wealth, beauty and a really decent hamburger. But what they all want more than anything else, is imagination. Because, sadly, somewhere along their very long evolutionary journey, imagination became extinct.

The people of FaBo2 are barely content and terribly bored.

The Over Council of FaBo2 want their people to be happy. So they have called in the fabulously dynamic FaBo team to help.

But writing stories to inspire imagination and creativity (as well as aid their search for the perfect hamburger) for an entire planet is a BIG JOB. That's why they need YOUR help.

Each week, the Over Council will choose a genre, setting and inhabitant for a story. One of the FaBo team will take up the weekly challenge. And they offer you the chance to write alongside them for a share in the fame.

Simply write a story using the genre, setting and inhabitant specified by the Over Council (1000 words maximum) and send it to fabostory@gmail.com by Friday 5pm.

Each week the Over Council will select the most briliantest stories to go forward to their planet where there will be rejoicing and lots of hamburger eating. They will also be posted on the FaBo blog (http://www.fabostory2.blogspot.com/)

Winning authors will have fame and fortune across the planet, and the occasional gift from the Over Council judges. Planet features will be renamed in your honour and your stories will become part of all school teaching on the planet for generations to come.

So sharpen your wits and your pencils and get ready to write!

Lift off: June 13 2011